Very well put together. Discipline brought across understandable and professional
– A Celliers (Under-grad administrator)

Working with the bones, interactivity of course, lots of information
– DW van Eeden (Teacher)

The Humour! Not too highly technical academic.
– S Harris (Coordinator – Grant Administration NRF)

Wish that I had this workshop before going on my first dig.
A Celliers (under-grad Administator)

Integration of powerpoint, hands-on objects, practical sessions, CD and textbook
– C Rabie (Senior Education Officer – Ditsong National Museum of Cultural History)

Should be made compulsory for UNISA archaeological students.
– S Harris (Coordinator – Grant Administration NFR)

Dit was ‘n lekker inleiding – ek voel nou better voorberei vir my studies
– E Taljaard (Student)

Subject matter very interesting, hands-on bones made it real and memorable
– E Smith (Computer Programmer)

Practical part of Archaeology which I liked and needed
– C Rajoo (Student)

Practical – mini excavation; presenters.
– E Step (Air Traffic Controller)

* Relaxed + friendly atmosphere
* Fun practical’s
* Informative + Interesting
* Experienced lecturers
– S Turner (Avionics Engineer)

What is there not to like! Love it. Love it. Love it!
– H Josling (Corporate Travel Counsellor)

Die internet links is nutvol – keep going!
– E Taljaard (Student)

The informal tone of the class and the information was shared in an easily digestible manner
– H Fivaz (Student)

Class was a good size – not to big
– E Smith (Computer Programmer)

This was a superb, well organized introduction to zooarchaeology.
– S Victor (Archaeologist)

The quality of the information and study material is of a very good standard
– H Fivaz (Student)

Can apply knowledge gained in field guide environment. The availability of bones to illustrate the theory added greatly to the learning curve
– E Step (Air Traffic Controller/ Field Guide/ Honorary Ranger)

Expected the course to be interesting, but it was fascinating
– J Marston (Attorney)

The informal approach to the subject was condusive to knowledge absorption
– W Gillan (Academic)

Informal learning experience
– G Dusseldorp (Postdoc)

Well structured, well paced course presented in understandable terms
– G Whitelaw (Archaeologist)

It was well organized and a good way to spend a weekend
– E Taljaard (Student)

Die kurses het ten volle aan my verwagting voldoen en my spektrum oor die algemeen verbreed
– W van Zyl (Student)

I met very interesting like-minded people and it broadened my knowledge
– C Slabbert (IBM Risk & Compliance Manager)

The content was simplified enough to make it understandable and the practicals provided a comprehensive understanding. Was very enjoyable and mind-expanding
– J de Souza (Student)

Provided knowledge in digestable chuncks so allowing for rapid accumulation of knowledge
– G Whitelaw (Archaeologist)

This is the first time that I have attended an interactive class and to me it is just wonderful
– E Wagener (Personal Assistant)

Ek het van alles op die kurses gehou selfs die kos was uitstekend
– W van Zyl (Student)

All of it
– S Holt (Research Assistant – National Museum Bloemfontein)

A huge need from textbook archaeology – excellent course!
– Claudius Pareira (Business Owner)

Nice mix of theory and fun
– Danny Dass (Management Consultant)

The approach to conveying of information was simple and effective
– Tian du Pisani (Student)

I appreciated that the facilitator stated with the very basics building a strong foundation in my head
– Samu Mtshali (Paleontology Dept – Distong natural History)

I like that they don’t use complicated terminology – it helps to learn where bones fit and what they do without having to learn too many new words
– Annemarie Boot (Student)

Relaxed & informative
– Brendon billing (Assistant Lecturer / Curator)

Dit was baie lekker om self die skelete te bou en om te leer deur als self te doen en te voel
– Mile Pienaar (Student)

Die studie materiaal en die ekstra inligting op die CD is awesome
– Lize Crawley (Dieet Kliniek Eienaar)

Everything!!!! Great fun + great learning. The presenter is fantastic, very knowledgeable
– Steve Turner (Business Analyst)

Friendly, helpful hosts
– Derek Webber (Self Employed)

First time that I understand the connection between the time periods, homonins, tool industries
– Heidi Fivaz (Student)

Everything, very well presented, very interesting can’t wait for my next course
– Raymond Saffy (Tattoo artist / Scholar)

Solid background in order to understand total context
– Anton van vollenhoven (Archaeologist)